Sture Gallerian main entrance Sture Gallerian main entrance

The Marble Hall is suitable for all weathers

High above the Marble Hall’s lively arcade, we build a magnificent terrace with place for hundreds of visitors. Above the terrace a glass roof crowns the hall, ensuring indoor climate year-round.

Improvement leads to excellence

The most exclusive street in Sweden, Birger Jarlsgatan, receives a welcomed addition of new unique spaces as we renovate several historical buildings with grand entrances facing Stureplan.

Sturehallen emerges

On the lower ground floor we make space for classic modern Sturehallen – a new big food hall of high quality in a market hall environment.

Brigther and more open spaces

Stureplan is full of life around the clock. The new architecture invites more people to visit our stores and restaurants. With wider aisles, more natural light and high ceilings we are creating a welcoming environment in the very heart of Stockholm.

Shopping for everyone

In the quarter, international luxury brands and flagship stores are mixed with new swedish fashion brands. Here you find a living environment where quality and utility are combined.

The lower Marble Halls

On the ground floor, you'll find not only the market hall-inspired Sturehallen but also fast casual restaurants, a rich range of services, and direct access to Östermalmstorg subway station.

Take a look inside

Sturekvarteret is not only getting wider and brighter walkways. We are also creating five new inviting entrances that attract both new and old visitors.

Historical places in a new rendition

The future is being created at Stureplan, but history is also being written here. That's why we've invested significant resources in preserving and carefully developing iconic destinations like Sturebadet, Sturecompagniet, and Sturehof.

New meeting spots inside the quarter