Stockholms beating heart

Stureplan has been Stockholm's beating heart since the 19th century. Here business has been done, holidays celebrated and meals enjoyed for decades. The combination of commerce, entrepreneurship, nightlife and culture is unique not only for Stockholm but for all of Sweden.

The successful story of Stureplan

Many of the most eminent companies have their offices in the area around Stureplan. The entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow meet here to build bridges and network. No place has ever been this given to expand your business like here.

One of the most popular destinations

Djurgården and the Old Town are highly ranked on the list among the most popular destinations to visit in Stockholm. But based on surveys by Jernhusen and Visit Stockholm, Stureplan is recognized as one of the most liked areas. Thanks to the unbeatable location and the wide range of offerings Stureplan is considered a must.

Stureplan earns its name

In 1885 the idea for the name was born, after the extension of the street Sturegatan. Now Stureplan is considered to be one of Stockholm’s most self-evident places and is highly sought after. due to its location and bustling life.

Cultural holidays

To say that culture flourishes around Stureplan is an understatement. Here, you'll find both the Royal Library and the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Around the area, art galleries coexist with antique dealers and top-notch vintage shops.

A neighbour with taste

The ancestry of Östermalmshallen extends all the way back to 1888. The incomparable building which is next to both Freys rental work and the Marble Hall was built in record speed. In six months they managed to complete the building, and for over 130 years, it has been a thriving oasis for food enthusiasts.

Shopping with international vibe

Bibliotekstan is a well-known shopping district located just a quarter from Stureplan. Several major international fashion houses have their presence in the heart of Bibliotekstan, and among the fashion giants, you'll also find the department store Nordiska Kompaniet. In 2026, the Sturekvarteret will be connected to this place, further solidifying its prominent role.

The royal story of Humlegården

The park which is around the corner from Stureplan once belonged to the Queen Ulrika Eleonora. She had pavilion built in Humlegården. Today the park serves as a meeting place for a diverse range of people, from joggers to students and those working in the area. Here, several generations come together to relax, dine, or visit the Royal Library.

Close to the archipelago

Discover Berns salonger, Raoul Wallenberg square or some of all the other attractions along Nybrokajen and Strandvägen. Or even better, take a tour with the boats. Stureplan is a hub not only for business, shopping, and entertainment but also for experiences.

Fast and smooth

Regardless of the mode of transportation, you can reach Stureplan quickly and easily. Buses, boats, and the subway all provide convenient access from various parts of Stockholm. Moreover, bike lanes that extend around the entire neighborhood make it possible to reach your specific destination.

This is where people meet

Stureplan is not just a natural gathering place thanks to the iconic Svampen (the Mushroom). There are meeting spots everywhere. Whether it's for leisure or work, Stureplan is a destination where tens of thousands flock to every day, year-round.

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